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Hi, Lately , I am not able to even touch the atcoder 'D' tasks , Last Regular round , which was Regular round 93 , there was a nice thinking 'D' task which was a constructive algorithm problem and I was not able to solve it. .

Same was the case in the last to last regular round on Atcoder. . Round 92 , Task D — Two Sequences . .

The problem is I have come to realize that maybe problems of these types are in general hard for me and I should train on them more ,

I am weak at greedy problems and constructive algorithm problems . . Are there any other places except for Atcoder where I can practice problems similar to Atcoder problem D ? I want to become fast and accurate at solving D , particualrly greedy and constructive , but I cant find the same quality problems anywhere except for atcoder , and the quantity of problems there is very less ,

Please help me. I need problems similar to Atcoder D for practice!

Also tell me some good sources to practice my greedy and constructive problems!!

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    Thanks for the wonderful problems! , but my question still remains , I want to practice more problems like these and only sorting the codeforces problems by tags "greedy" and "constructive algo" does not work very well , it's generally hard to find the same quality problems . . .how to find nice problems to practice on , I cant do all the greedy problems on codeforces right? , btw I really liked 527D ,