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Hello, Codeforces!

The international competitive programming boot camp Moscow Workshops ICPC is inviting participants! This summer the training program is hosted in different parts of Eurasia on the same dates: July 23-30 2018.


Moscow Workshops ICPC boot-camps are preparing the winners of the ICPC championship: teams who participate in Moscow Workshops events achive the highest results at ICPC World Finals, for instance this year 10 out of 13 teams who won medals at the World Finals were participants of Moscow Workshops ICPC boot-camps.

«Discover Grodno» will be held for the second time on the base of Yanka Kupala State University, the main training platform for competitive programming in Belarus.

«Discover Vladivostok» will be held for the first time. The hosting university will be Far Eastern Federal University. The smart campus of the innovative FEFU is located on the Pacific coast, it’s beautiful environment will inspire students to show impressive results.

During the 8 days of Moscow Workshops ICPC program students’ teams all over the world will prepare intensively for the biggest and the most prestigious competitive championship. Participants will be able to choose between Division B and Division C depending on their skill level.

Division B is for the students who are preparing for the next ICPC season and other international competitions in programming, the training program will be in English.

Division C is for the newcomers to the world of competitive programming and the it’s program will be held in Russian.

The participation cost depends on the date a payment was made and on the region: citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries pay in Rubles and others pay in US dollars:

Until June 15 — 23.000 Rubles (for EAEU), $390 USD From June 16 — 27.000 Rubles (for EAEU), $470 USD

The price includes educational program, accommodation on university campuses, meals and sightseeing tour in spare time.

Join Moscow Workshops ICPC! Good luck!

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This price is for a person or a team?