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hell0 students frum all ovr the wrld i know ive already written 2 u but once sb very wise probably an old man or old lady cause old ladies are as good as old men but maybe not old lady cause back then old ladies were took for granted cause they were ladies but maybe they werent cause they were old and regardd as wise or maybe it wasnt an old man cause old men were dead befur they bcme old well i dont know really why r u askin me tht? well sombody once told me the more the bettr so im writing 2 u again!!!! r u happy my deers?? im writin especially 2 those of u who r depressed cause i am depressed n unhappy cause as u may remembr since 2017 i hav been a student and now im takin my exams they make me feel unhappy if u also feel unhappy let me know we can be unhappy togethur and giv each other peas n love at least we wont be hungry after we eat peas yea peas is very healthy so maybe our depression wont destroy our bodies u know the rule u add sth and remuv sth and it equals 0 haha i ve got a great joke 4 u my dear math-freaks listen carefully: 3 ppl left the bus at the station and nobody got on. how many ppl are in the bus? i know u know the answer my deer clever unhappy depressed genius followers!!! its ofc -3. s000 if ur depressed just dont be well its a brilliant piece of advice just read my joke and if u r still depressed read one mor time and again till u r not depressed peas n luv eat peas XOXOX

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