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How problem setters creats strong test cases for problem.I want to know their strategy.I hope this will help me when I get Wa,TLE,MLE in contest. I also want to be a good problem setter (but I am not skilled enough now).So I want to practice creating critical test cases for problems.I hope this will help me in contest as well as when I will start to set problems in contest in different oj.(If My Allah wants).

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You can use SPOJ test case generator to generate test cases

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I am not a problem setter. But here are some stuff I csn think of:

  1. Learn various wrong and correct solutions to many problems. Be sure to understand why those wrong solutions fail and write tests to fail them.

  2. Write tests that cover boundary cases like maximum limit of range, sorted input, all same number in input, one number in input, etc.

  3. Make sure that the time limit is tight enough to pass intended solutions but will fail obviously wrong/heavily optimized naive solutions. This is not always achievable in practice though.