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Hello everyone!

I would like to invite you to participate in HackerEarth monthly long contest August Circuits 2018. It has already started on 17th August 2018 and will run for 9 days.

The problem set consists of 7 traditional algorithmic tasks of various difficulties and 1 approximate problem. For traditional algorithmic tasks, you will receive points for every test case your solution passes, so you can get some points with partial solutions as well. For the approximation task, your score depends on the best solution in the contest so far. Please check the contest page for more details.

The problems have been prepared by the users: .AJ., BishalG, bciobanu, flash_7 and me. The problems have been tested by zscoder and .AJ.. We have tried our best to ensure a really good contest for all of you. The editorial will be published soon after the contest ends.

As usual, there will be some prizes for the winners:

  • First Prize: $100
  • Second Prize: $75
  • Third Prizes: $50

Top 5 will also win HackerEarth T-shirts.

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Real money and Amazon gift vouchers are different things.

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But Is It Rated?

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Update: We are almost halfway through the contest. 7 of the 8 problems are live now. The last one will become available in 32 hours.