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Hi all,

I am co-chief judge of the 2018 ICPC North Central Regional Contest. This year, to alleviate the workload on the problem-setting committee, I'd like to ask directly for problem submissions. If you are interested in contributing a problem (or multiple), email me ( or PM me with a description of the problem(s), like what you'd see in an actual ICPC contest (see: and for example problem descriptions — please include sample input/ output). Please also include the difficulty rating (easy, medium, hard) and a brief paragraph on the intended solution. I will look through the submissions and pick some for the contest. If you submit a problem, ideally you will take on the work of also generating test data and writing solutions if your problem is selected. It would also be great if you could be online and help judge your problem during the contest on November 3rd, likely from about 10am — 3pm Central Time. Problems that appear in the Regional will be available on Kattis for anyone to solve after the contest, like what you can see from the two example problems I wrote for last year's contest. I'd like to get problem submissions by October 1st, so we have time to write test cases and solutions before the Regional contest.

We also need people to write judge solutions to other problems and add test cases to get full coverage. If you are interested in this, please let me know. Finally, please forward this message to anyone else who might be interested. The only condition is that anyone who helps should not be actively participating or coaching for the North Central Regional this year.

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