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Hi to the most happening and amazing programming community.This is my first blog and also my first development so I am really excited at the time of writing this.I won't make this long :).

I would like to introduce you to WAPCO (any guesses on the abbreviation please feel free to comment let's see who guesses it correctly).It makes extensive use of Codeforces API and does the following : -

  • Provides analysis for friends and other usernames according to ranks in recent contests (supports upto 50 recent contests).
  • Compares two users using their Codeforces handles.
  • Country, City, Institution and Language based ranklist (Top 50) and their respective top 3 according to recent participation.
  • Update your google calendar with upcoming contests on Codeforces.

Probably more features might be added soon !!

Here are some Screenshots of how it looks : -

For more information and installation visit my GitHub page.

I would like to thank lowjack for his immense help through almost all stages of development.

MikeMirzayanov for amazing Codeforces platform and API.

And remenber it's still in Beta so if you see bugs, have feature suggestions etc., please use GitHub to its fullest extent :)

Most importantly have fun and enjoy! Have a great day :)

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Why are there lots of binaries in the GitHub repo? GitHub is used for source code hosting, for binaries they have "Releases" tab.

Also leaving just the sources in the repository will help you to unite Windows and GNU/Linux repo into one (it seems the sources are cross-platform, the difference is in binaries).

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    Thanks for sharing this ! I am still learning more about development and GitHub.

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Google Calendar feature is awesome!