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Hello CodeForces, about 4 months ago I've wrote blog featuring KONTESTS website.

Today we are publishing two new things, first of all the website data (the websites contests schedule) is now provided through the new API allowing any further development like mobile applications.

The second great thing is the brand new browser extensions! for Chrome, FireFox and we are waiting for Opera approval.

The extension provides an easy and fast access to KONTESTS contests schedule in a nice and simple popup window as shown in the image above and here is the GitHub repo for it, waiting for your contribution.

Special thanks to Vendetta. for helping out in the development process for the extension!

Have fun and if there are any comments about it, please let me know :)

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Wonderful, Good job

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I already use your website now the extension makes my effort easier.

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Contests time zone isn't accurate I guess? for me UTC+2 next CF contest 16:35 while it's 14:35 in the extension, also it would be better if there is days/hours counter before the contest and maybe hackerrank tap.

Good job.

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    Thanks for your feedback, any time field in KONTESTS is using UTC time, but if you click on it you will redirected to, so you can see the contest time in your zone.

    About HackerRank, actually we are working on it and other websites, but they are require more processing than the current supported ones.

    If there is anything else please tell me :)