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Hi CodeForces!

A couple days ago, I posted about some online classes. I got some messages with concerns, so I took the blog down while I figured out a solution. I decided that I will make the classes completely free so that they can help more people.

Dates: The classes will go from the January 5-6 weekend to the March 9-10 weekend (10 classes total). Each class is 1hr 30 mins.


I will hold the online course with 10 classes based on the curriculum from my website.

Here are the courses I am thinking of:

Learn C++: (not from my website, includes easy algorithmic problems) recommended level: <700

Course 1: (doesn’t include the learn c++ portion from the website) most problems: [700-1300] recommended level: [700-1000]

Course 2: recommended level [1200-1700] most problems: [1300 — 2000] The topics are dynamic programming, depth first search, data structures, binary search, two pointers, implementation and math

Each class there will be a set of 3-5 problems depending on the difficulty. We will discuss the solution to each problems and the thinking process to arrive at that solution. You can see the instructors screen, so it is as if they are writing on a whiteboard. You can ask questions while the solution is being presented.

There is also an additional debugging section. I noticed that there are people who need help debugging their codes so 30 mins before each class starts (except the first one), I can help you debug your codes from the previous week. The only downside is that the number of people who can sign up for this is limited.

This is open to people from all countries.

If you are interested, fill out this survey about what times and which course you are interested in. Note that the form is not a commitment to signing up for the class, it is just to figure out how many people are interested and at what times.

I will open up registration this weekend once I figure out what time the courses will be held.

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You can follow the model most YouTube educational content creators do, open a Patreon page.

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    Good idea! I'll look into that (or a GoFundMe).