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Hi CodeForces!

I opened registration to my competitive programming course a while ago.

The first class was today on dp and I thought I would make it public as a test to see if it is helpful to make it public afterwards. The video is here. The class starts at 30 mins.

Here were the problems:

Problem 1: Codeforces 910A

Problem 2: Codeforces 22B

Problem 3: USACO Taming the Herd

Problem 4: Codeforces 909C

Note that some of the problems had other solutions, but we discussed the dp solution to problems 1, 2, & 4.

For problem 3, I had already made a video about it and we were running out of time so I skipped it. I made a slightly different video for that problem than I usually make; it was me solving it after seeing it for the first time (basically my thinking process and later my debugging process). I've gotten feedback that this style of videos is better than my other videos, so I'll try to make more videos like this one in the future.

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