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Hello Codeforces, I would like to introduce you to "Solve It" a Sublime Text 3 plugin which helps you to submit your code directly from Sublime Text.

What it does is it will show an input panel in the bottom of Sublime Window where it wants you to enter contest ID and Problem ID, after this, it will connect to the predefined Chrome Session (Read more about it in my Github repository) and submit your code file till that happens it will freeze the Sublime window so no changes may occur in the file. You may be wondering that what if Codeforces gets timed out. In this case, it automatically disconnects the session after 30 sec and removes the lock from the Sublime window.

Keep in mind that whenever you use this plugin your connection to the predefined Chrome Session is active and don't forget to save your file.

For more information about this plugin and installation visit my GitHub page.

Note that this plugin is still in development phase so if you see any bugs or if you have any suggestion feel free to comment on it.

I hope you will give it a try.

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How long after the submission does it freeze your sublime for? This may be annoying for end of contest rapid submissions.

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    It doesn't take too long about 5 to 7 sec in the average case.