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Hello, CF community.

I am starting to write about algorithms for fun and to spread the knowledge. Please read my new article about sparse table – a cute data structure to find range minimums in an array:

P.S. A little bit about myself: I was active in the competitive programming a while ago, especially during my two ACM ICPC World Finals in 2014 and 2015. Currently, I am working for Google and trying to revive some old algorithms knowledge :)

Would you be interested in the future algorithm articles like this? Follow me on twitter here:

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I can't find tutorials of other algos in your blog, They used to be there sometime back. will you please restore them?

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    Hi! I didn't really have any other algorithm tutorials in my blog. Maybe you are thinking about my collection of algorithm implementations. I used to have it partially on my website, but now it's all on GitHub.