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Hola amigos!

Programming Club, Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi is organizing Dementia 2019 as part of our cultural-cum-technical fest Exodia. The contest will take place on 26th April 2019 at 22:15 IST (16:45 UTC).

The contest features 7 problems of varying difficulty and you'll get 3 hours for solving them. The problem setters and testers for the contest are sagarguptasml, hitesh_r, avi224, AkaiShuuichi9866, abhigyank and lane. The contest is rated for Division 2 on codechef (below 1800 rating). However, Division 1 can participate out of competition.

There are prizes worth Rs 10K for the overall top 3 participants (from both divisions combined ranklist).

Contest link

Registration for prizes

UPDATE1: Congratulations to the winners

Rank Competitor Problems Solved
1 Ashish Gupta 7
2 Abhishek Sajwan 5
3 Vivek Chauhan 5

Also, here's the final ranklist (div1 + div2 combined): Final ranklist

UPDATE2: Prize distribution

  • 1st -> 5K
  • 2nd -> 3K
  • 3rd -> 2K


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Clashing with Codeforces Round #555 (Div. 3). Can be 1 hr later

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