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Hello, since the end of 2017 I am working in an online judge for my university. The judge is directed to a basic programming course in Python where each semester about 1200 students take the course. The judge was launched 8 months ago and today we have 1542 registered students.

The next step that I would like to give is to give the possibility of creating contests. Currently the judge only has problems that I raise periodically.

I passed a database course, but I need more specific guidance. For example, the scoreboard model. If the contest will be saved in the database I would like the access to be fast to access any scoreboard. I have an idea and it consists of saving each scoreboard in a new table for the database, but I do not know if it is consistent over time.

The online judge is developed using pure php and mysql. The database is relational.

What do you think? Thank you!

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can anyone please share their knowledge about this question or some relevant links?
Thank you.