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Let me explain all things going on in this site about Feagty , alihancelikcan , TSM_Dyrus. First of all, TSM_Dyrus isn't Marcus Hill. Feagty got 3 accounts and their names are d-.-b, .Feagty. and Feagty.

alihancelikcan and Feagty are nice friends but Feagty got angry to alihancelikcan because alihancelikcan stole his idea about "Codeforces Message Notifier" thing.

And the fact about "arsh" accounts is : alihancelikcan created these accounts himself but Feagty knows their password too and they both used this accounts for themselves. I know Feagty, alihancelikcan and TSM_Dyrus. They're good with friends.

Real name of Feagty isn't "Jun". His real name is "Edip Ahmet" as you can see in one of his other accounts called .Feagty.. And at last, the thing about sending same code with three accounts thread (Thread created by ASingov, thread about canyouhandlethis,Feagty,d-.-b) and one of other thread about hacking his fake account (Thread created by zenshima10572, thread about TSM_Dyrus) is all created by their friends for reporting them and make Codeforces a better place.

I'm with all these people about six months and i'm bored to see them caring about Codeforces blogs and their contribution. I want to end all these things.

I want to say have a nice day to Feagty(and his fake accounts), alihancelikcan(and his fake accounts), TSM_Dyrus(To Marcus Hill, not the guy on this account) and all of Codeforces. Have a Nice Coding :)

PS: I wrote this on Feagty2's blog called "Hello Everybody ( About AutoIt )". But i want to share it on my blog for all of you guys.

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Well, maybe one parser does not solve this problem, but system can verify the ip address of the users (I know that people can use remote server but they will spend more time sending solutions and will lose they own time). Other idea could be that system gathers more information in registration process (Is very easy sign up and it does not require a lot of information). Notify users that did not use the account for more than X months and delete this account if they do not verify.

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Thank you senmatsu!

I have been trying to explain this all the time but no one cared. We were using arsh accounts to check our message notifier script. We were sending messages to each other to check if the script was working.

The accounts were not created to do illegal things on Codeforces. We all know the rules. Having multiples accounts just makes more problems.

I have not stolen Feagty's idea. That was our idea. I just coded it myself because he didn't know how to write userscripts and I published it on Codeforces. If he didn't like this he would tell me and I could add his name below mine.

Result: I have increased my contribution somehow (I wasn't expecting this), lost my fake accounts (when Feagty told everyone arshs' passwords), and caused a little chaos on Codeforces (I still don't know how this have gone so far).

Trying to increase your contribution or rating using fake accounts is just not fun. If you really want to increase your contribution contribute something useful and see how it increases so fast. For the ones who want higher rating, just practice more. If you believe you can do it, you will do it.

There are problems to solve, contests to enter and userscripts to write :D

Have a nice day Codeforces users! Wish you good coding.

PS: I wrote this comment as a reply to senmatsu's reply on "Hello Everybody ( About AutoIt )". And I want to share this as senmatsu did.