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Ninjo's blog

By Ninjo, 9 months ago, In English,

Hello World!
My name is Khaled, I'm a programmer. In the past, I taught some junior students problem solving onsite, prepared some programming(contests) and published some online content/videos about programming ~5 years ago(since 2014) and I saw how that helped hundreds of people worldwide (result from old channel ex.1, ex.2 ). but i stopped sharing for some years.
Recently i decided to start sharing again and planned to do my best to present something more useful than any time before:)

i hope to see some support by subscribing to channel if you are interesting


my related blog: Solve cp problem in different languages

any suggestions are welcome!
thanks guys

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I wish you will make some videos on DP problems.I follow some youtube channels related to CP. Those are really helpful. Thank you for much for helping others.

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    Already on my TODO list, thanks for suggestion :)