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Hello everyone,

On June 1st we hold our XI Annual programming contest; this is the first time that we use Codeforces for this contest and we want to add it to the Codeforces Gym to make it available to everybody. The gym contest takes place on Saturday, June 8, at 09:00 CDT.

The contest is supposed to be in teams, but it is ok if you want to use it for personal training too. For this contest we had participants from university and high school, but we hope it will be interesting for everybody.

The contest was prepared by Marckess, alaneos777 and me. Also, I would like to mention HeathcliffAC for helping us in testing the problems.

I would like to thank ifsmirnov for developing Jngen that it's been very useful to prepare data sets of these problems.

We hope you enjoy the problems and if you have feedback about this contest, we will be glad to hear about it.

Update: Solutions for problems are available on Github.

Update 2: Editorial is available through this link.

Link to contest

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Will a tutorial be published for the problemset? or even source code for the solutions with the main idea of solving it?

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    Yes, editorial is not finished yet but we are going to post it here soon. Sorry for the delay.

    For now, I can upload solutions to Github and then you can see source code for each problem.

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    Editorial is up :)