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i think data structure tag is a general tag for example i want to solve problems about segment tree or ...

if i filter problem set problems with tag data structure a few problems are about segment tree and i should find problems is blog posts but they aren't enough also i can't filter them with rate

i think if MikeMirzayanov delete data structure tag and add SegmentTree/BITree , treap , heap and other is better

i hope you understand my English (sorry if you don't understand)

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There are several issues with your proposal:

  • Almost any problem on a segment tree can be solved with a treap, and so on. I mean that many data structures are replaceable by others.
  • It is difficult to change tags: there are ~5000 problems in the archive. I don't see any easy way to reassign tags.
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I do not know exactly how problem tag system works in Codeforces now, but I think only the problem setter should be able to set a tag.

Think about a problem with intended greedy solution from setter, there is a chance that question also has DP solution by some user. So this question also has DP tag most probably (I think?). When someone tries to solve this question to practice DP, since the intended solution is greedy, most likely he/she will find greedy solution sooner than DP one. Or he/she will focus to find DP solution and maybe fail to find one. Now, how he/she can reach the DP solution if the editorial only contains greedy one?