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By infamouser, history, 11 months ago, In English,

Recently I participated in Educational Codeforces Round 70 (рейтинговый для Див. 2).When I opened the problems,I found them really hard.It can be shown in the contest result:I only solve 1 problem,and I ranked 2797.However,1 problem cannot get such a high ranking in other contests.What do you think of this contest?

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Well,I have same thought as you.The edu round is not very hard actually,but it is hard to understand the problems.Some people said "edu contest is like a reading contest"XD.I think we think this kind of contests is difficult because our English is not good:(

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    However,I think Edu rounds are also very good because it's the ACM-ICPC contest.I needn't to worried about the score as the time passes