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Discover Singapore 2019 organized by Moscow Workshops ICPC and the National University of Singapore with support of Acronis and SIT will take place in the unique city-state of Singapore located on the islands in the South-East Asia, from 21 to 28 of September, 2019.

The accommodation for participants will be organized in the hostel "Yo:HA Evans" in twin and triple rooms not far from the Botanical Garden which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

On the day off participants can visit the “Universal Studios Singapore” park — the Asian biggest theme park that features 28 rides, shows, and attractions in seven themed zones.

The educational process will take place at the National University of Singapore, the School of Computing (free transfer from hostel to contest venue is included).

Registration is available for divisions A, B and C. Teams can be formed of one, two or three members. The official language of the workshop is English.

Division A is designed to prepare students to participate and award medals in the ICPC World Finals. The program doesn't include any lectures and consists entirely (or almost entirely) of non-thematic contests of the highest level (the World Finals level and/or even higher) and their analyses.

Division B is designed to prepare students to win in regional ICPC competitions and get ready for the ICPC World Finals participation. The program contains classic to regional ICPC competitions non-thematic contests as well as lectures and thematic contests of the high level of proficiency. Potentials topics could be max flow algorithms, building of suffix array/tree/automaton, long multiplication and division using Fast Fourier Transformation, persistent data structures etc.

Division C is designed for the young university teams that are just starting their way in the ICPC and represent their university at the ICPC qualifications. The program contains basic and advanced algorithms and data structures: finding shortest paths in weighted graphs, segment trees, finding patterns in text (prefix-function, z-function, tries), dynamic programming in submasks etc.

We decided to give you more freedom and are announcing two prices:

  • Full board.

  • Only curriculum, lunch and snack bar during contests. Ideal for locals and those who organize accommodation themselves.

Apply before August, 29 to get the lowest price.

All the additional information about the schedule and the pricing for the workshop can be found on the Discover Singapore 2019 website.

Let us know about your interest on our programming workshop. Email to or leave your comment under the post. You’ll be able to fulfil the payment up to September 19.

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What kind of Visa should Indiana get???

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Could you provide the recommended codeforces ratings for division A, B, C?

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Looking for teammates for div B, anyone from Vietnam interested???

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The dorm is a lie :)