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Competitive programming workshop Discover Riga 2019 by Moscow Workshops ICPC and University of Latvia will be held from 21 to 28 September

Students will stay in a four-star hotel 5 minutes walk from the University of Latvia where educational process will be organized.

At the weekend participants will be able to visit the Old Town, the oldest district of Riga (it is included in the UNESCO world heritage list).

Students have the opportunity to decide where to live and how to eat, because participation in the training camp involves two formats:

- full board (the price includes: meals and coffee breaks during contests, accommodation, excursion and training program)

- without accommodation (the price includes training program, lunch and coffee breaks during contests)

Registration is open for divisions A, B and C.

Division A (red status according to Codeforces ratings) is designed to prepare students to participate and award medals in the ICPC World Finals. The program doesn't include any lectures and consists entirely (or almost entirely) of non-thematic contests of the highest level (the World Finals level and/or even higher) and their analyses.

Division B (orange status and the top of purple according to Codeforces ratings) is designed to prepare students to win in regional ICPC competitions and get ready for the ICPC World Finals participation. The program contains classic to regional ICPC competitions non-thematic contests as well as lectures and thematic contests of the high level of proficiency. Potentials topics could be max flow algorithms, building of suffix array/tree/automaton, long multiplication and division using Fast Fourier Transformation, persistent data structures etc.

Division C (purple status and lower according to Codeforces ratings) is designed for the young university teams that are just starting their way in the ICPC and represent their university at the ICPC qualifications. The program contains basic and advanced algorithms and data structures: finding shortest paths in weighted graphs, segment trees, finding patterns in text (prefix-function, z-function, tries), dynamic programming in submasks etc.

You can find out the details of the camp and apply on the page

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