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AIM Tech Company is pleased to offer a registration fee grant (including meals and accommodation) to the Autumn MIPT Workshop participants. The grant is provided for 3 team members and a coach (tickets are not included). To be eligible for the grant, the team should submit a workshop contest. The quality and complexity level of the contest should not be lower than the NEERC semi-finals. Problems should vary in topics and complexity.

Please confirm your participation to Anastasia Sokolova (nsokolova@aimtech.com) by the 30 September.

Please send your problem ideas (with constrains and brief solutions) to mipt.contest.2019@gmail.com by the 10th October. The application should include at least 10 problems + 2 spare ones. Your application will be approved (or not) by the 15th October. As part of the approval process, you may be asked to replace or modify the submitted problems.

Should the application and problems be approved, it will be necessary to prepare tests, solutions and final statements for the problems by the 1st November. The team will have to make problems analysis at the workshop. Following the application results, by the 15th October AIM Tech will select up to 3 teams that will receive a grant.

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The title of this blog looks like click bait to me. Tickets are not included and submit a workshop contest with 10+2 problems is not exactly the definition of for free to me. Anyway, this still sounds like an interesting opportunity.

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    By the way on MW there is an option to participate online.