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By compcodingisnorealskill, history, 10 months ago, In English,

Hi fellow coder!

My friends and I usually agree on many topics but are have different views on how should one approach learning in Competitive programming.

My first friend says : " Solve virtual contests daily and you will learn all tricks and skills to improve"

My second friend says : " Solve different questions from different topics everyday and give virtual contests sparingly to learn and improve"

What I say : " Stick to one topic eg. Graphs or Binary Search for a week and try to solve all problems of that kind"

Now whose advice or method is the most optimum?

Which method do you follow?

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I thought competitive programming requires "No skill", according to your name.

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I'm not sure you can measure what the optimal method for studying is, but generally I like to stick with a topic and just grind problems from there. Not sure if that's the best method though.