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Hello codeforces!

I would like to invite everybody to participate in a mirror of Ural Regional School Programming Contest, which will be held on Timus Online Judge this Sunday, 27th of October, 12MSK.

For onsite participants this is a standard team contest with ICPC rules. Online participants may play it alone or in a team (up-to-3 people). Even though this is a school student competition with a certain number of simple problems, it also contains some very tricky problems, so it will be interesting for a wide range of people.

Problems for this contest were prepared by me, I_love_MikhailRubinchik, Madball, Kirom, sievra, fstilus, godjan, DevKirill, elizusha, TheCrawfish, lowgear. Olexander_Lozhkin.

I also want to thank KungA, Umqra, kb. for problem ideas, tinsane, aytel, gerind, Programmer007, guptautkarsh028, dusja.ds, r57shell for testing.

As you can see, a lot of effort has been put into this contest, and i hope we did a great job.

Good luck to everyone!

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How to solve problem J (City building)?

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    The problems from this contest are posted in Timus Online Judge for further solving. It's the policy of Timus Online Judge, that problems in the archive don't have a public editorial.