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Hi all!

Several months ago I decided to write down all the algorithms I know (and don't know) in one Visual Studio project for reusing, remembering, preparing to the interviews and easy learning of new algorithms and compose them in the one big library.

I have implemented some part of this library, but before going deeper I want to provide some examples of library current usages:

Another example

And there are a lot of other examples.

This is very comfortably and useful so I'm planning to add a lot of algorithms here.

Repo is on GitHub, and here is the link. You can find the themes (like Graphs, Strings, Cryptography etc.) I planned to cover on the Projects tab, and you can there see which algorithms are already implemented and tested. I use Windows, C++14/17, and my repo is a Visual Studio 2019 project by itself. All algorithms are implemented in namespace named "algo", and for each algorithm I have created separate class, and divided it in header and it's implementation file.

Also I have implemented "preprocessor" for parsing my own header files. This is to generate file that can be sent to online judge for checking.

Anyone here is welcomed to use this repo for problem solving. And I will be very happy if anyone will use my library and, why not, contribute to it by adding a new algorithms, fixing bugs and doing other github stuff!

Thank you for reading!

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Thank you for this