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Hello Codeforces Community,

Actually all of the Python users over here would agree that "sometimes" we need to write a bit long for taking input in Python, and it is also slow.

That's why I made a good template for taking Quick And Fast Input, which I would like to share.

import sys
input = sys.stdin.readline

############ ---- Input Functions ---- ############
def inp():
def inlt():
def insr():
    s = input()
    return(list(s[:len(s) - 1]))
def invr():

Just paste this template at the beginning of your Code.

It comprises of 4 functions :-

1) inp — For taking integer inputs.

2) inlt — For taking List inputs.

3) insr — For taking string inputs. Actually it returns a List of Characters, instead of a string, which is easier to use in Python, because in Python, Strings are Immutable.

4) invr — For taking space seperated integer variable inputs.

The input = sys.stdin.readline is actually for Faster Inputs, because line reading through System STDIN (Standard Input) is faster in Python.

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This blog may be useful.

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I have read this before somewhere else.

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    The quick input functions were made by me, which I have personally used for a long time. You may have read about the fast input through STDIN (which is obviously built-in, and I haven't made :p)