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UPD: New version: Add problem title to the dashboard. Screenshot. Now you can tell easily what the problem is, without clicking through the link or add tags to describe the problem (although if you have existing tags, it's okay as well)

A port of the chrome extension to Greasemonkey. I don't use Chrome, and so I decide to spend some time convert the chrome extension to greasemonkey userscript. I know that Chrome is the most popular browser, but I hope this can be useful to someone else. (there was somebody who asked for a Firefox extension)

For now, the user script only works on Codeforces, and it uses localStorage. Also, because it "merges" a bunch of files into one, the resulting user script is not really maintainable. Anyway, as far as I've tested the works identically to the chrome extension (except that the "badge text" does not work)

Because it's not possible for user scripts to add button on the taskbar the button is placed like this instead.

Link: Codeforces upsolve tracker

Original post:

If you visit many different programming sites and come across problems you'd like to solve later, and forget about them later, consider giving my chrome extension : Upsolve tracker a try.

See snapshots here and here.

Upsolve tracker lets you

mark problems for solving later across various sites

also lets you add tags to the saved problems

view your pending and solved problems at-a-glance in your dashboard

reminds you the number of pending problems via a badge on the extension icon.

More features such as activity graph and alarm reminder are in the pipeline.

Suggestions/ Pull requests at github repo are welcome!

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