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By yevhenii_kanivets, history, 4 weeks ago, In English,

After almost 5 weeks of studying and working hard, 3 App Store rejects and a few sleepless nights, we've succeeded to bring Codeforces WatchR application to iOS.

Download it right now using this link. Don't have an iPhone? Not a problem, it's also available in Google Play.

It doesn't have all Android features just yet, but we've decided to ship early and often to get the feedback from the community ASAP. The current version has next features: - browsing and sharing Recent Actions - watching for Codeforces contests and adding them to the device's calendar - browsing and searching for Problems (marking the as a favourite is coming)

This is the first-ever iOS application for Codeforces on the App Store (at least, for my knowledge) and one of a few dedicated to Competitive Programming. I'm super excited and you?

This wouldn't be possible without our new crew member — denmen0207, which joined us as an iOS Developer and actually implemented an app from the ground up.

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wow this is great. some nit/suggestions:

  • can you make searching for problems case insensitive? right now searching for "Three" vs "three" yields different results.
  • is there a way to cache the result when clicking on a problem? it takes awhile to reload a problem after clicking away from it.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Case sensitivity is kind of bug, so we will fix it in the next release. Caching can be complicated, but we will investigate it anyway.

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We've decided to create Codeforces WatchR User Group in Telegram to discuss ideas, new features and report bugs. Feel free to join: