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By Neumann, history, 13 days ago, In English,

Hi Codeforces,

We are missing the hardest problems for the upcoming long challenges. If you have some interesting ideas send us a mail to, or via this form.

Take a look to the following problems to have a feeling of the difficulty.


We would be very happy to receive problems of other difficulty levels too.

There are some problems in the queue for the easier problems, but if the idea is very original it can be quickly moved to the top.

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What is the compensation for proposing problems?

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sorry to say this, but there is no use of hard problems, if editorials are released a month after or not been released after the contest, people spend time on this problems, and there is not even a proper solution outline for some problems, if possible at least provide that.we don't need long editorial,just a brief description is enough like codeforces editorials, and according to me problem setter should provide that.

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    Editorials on time is something codechef has to improve. I request an editorialist at the same time testing phase starts, but sometimes it is assigned much later.

    However usually some contestants publish unofficial editorials e.g in last month tmwilliamlin168 posted video solutions (and afaik he will write the official editorials of Feb Long). Also you can discuss the problems in or in the cf announcement post.