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Hi everyone!

ABBYY’s first programming problem contest is over. Many thanks to all the participants! The winners will be announced in two weeks time. As of now, there are some statistics:

  • We have received 78 problems from 45 authors.
  • 21 authors sent us one problem a head, 15 authors sent two problems each, and 3 problems at a time were sent by other 9 authors .
  • As for the age of the participants, there were 23 students, 18 pupils and 4 graduates.
  • Geography of the contest: most of the authors (23 people) are from Russia. Then comes Ukraine (6), Kazakhstan (4), and Byelorussia (3). Armenia, Bangladesh, Great Britain, Georgia, Cuba, Iran, the USA, Uruguay and South Korea had one representative each.
  • Grading: 2 international Grandmasters, 8 international Masters, 11 Master’s candidates, 12 experts and 7 specialists. Others are not included in the rating list.
  • Over the last weekends we received as many problems in total as during the previous two weeks.
  • As you can see, this contest has been a pilot one and mostly an experiment. Again, many thanks to all who joined in! We are very happy and proud to receive so many problems from you!

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    thanks for exelent problems <3

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    nice contest will be I think :)

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    44=21(sent 1 problem)+15(2 problems)+9(3 problems) very interesting ))