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When I first got into CP, I'm pretty sure I saw on Benq's github a calendar with a bunch of programming contests, including some on which had fairly regular schedule of these beginner's contests in data science where you'd use pandas in python. I have no background in programming and actually really liked how the website mixed learning new stuff with a contest-style format.

Then I think the website just died, and now it's back and it's totally different. Does anyone know what happened to the original (did it move domain?)?

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It's dead, Dave. I guess.

Some people (or one person) made a site, eventually life intervened, they couldn't/wouldn't keep paying for the domain name and hosting, someone else bought it. It happens often, failed startups are especially common but personal projects that grow and then die also exist. PrinceOfPersia hyped up a site some years ago too and now it's dead.

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I think it's the same group of people running it (but this is more profitable :D).

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    That's quite a switch, then. From beginner programmers to social media influencers as an audience...