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By conquizztador, history, 7 weeks ago, In English,

In the latest rated contest i.e., Codeforces Round #632 (Div. 2)

I submitted a solution for question B, Contest link wherein I had declared arrays globally with a size 10^4+10 instead of 10^5+10 and it gave TLE on pretest 3. Here's the link to my submission

However, on submitting the same code with GNU C++14 and GNU C++17, I got the much expected result RE. Here's the link to the RE one

Can anyone explain as to why this happened?

Also, I would like MikeMirzayanov to look into this.

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Accessing an out-of-bounds index is undefined behavior. Compilers assume it never happens so if it does happen you get all sorts of weird crap. C++ assumes you know what you're doing unlike other languages such as Java and won't do a lot of error checking for you.