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Today I participated in the Div.2 Round 632 and solved all the 1200 level problems of sorting and binary search from my list. I will write the main takeaways for self reference.

Div. 2 Round 632:

Contest experience


492B - Ваня и фонари


519B - A и B и ошибки компиляции


456A - Ноутбуки


1294B - Сбор посылок


977C - Меньшие или равные


Binary Search:

755B - Польшар и Игра


911B - Два торта


1260B - Получи два нуля


743B - Хлоя и последовательность


1221C - Идеальная команда

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In the problem 519B — A and B and Compilation Errors, there is an easier way to solve it.

There is a way to use map too, my code


In the problem 456A — Laptops

there is a simpler way to solve it, if there is exist a pair with different number, we output "Happy Alex", My code


In the problem 775B — PolandBall and Game

you can use another formula `cout << (n + map.size() % 2 > m ? "YES" : "NO")

and it is really simple to implement by set or map


In the problem 1260B — Obtain Two Zeroes

It is fast to use math but can still do binary_search like this