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Hooray! Yupee! We have finished the complex me-Cormen-ralekseenkov logistic combination and now are ready to pay tribute to the heroes of 2012. This year (thanks, Thomas!) the Cormen Medal laureates are going to get a new Thomas Cormen book "Algorithms Unlocked", signed by the author in addition to the medal, glory and fame!

The 2012 Cormen Medal laureates are:

  • tourist (Gennady Korotkevich) — Codeforces Best Coder 2012
    Gennady keeps his first place in the Codeforces rating, continues participating actively and at this point the third place in the round isn’t always a rating improvement for him. We wish Gennady more victories, especially considering that the ACM-ICPC 2013 Finals are so soon!
  • witua (Vitaliy Herasymiv) — Codeforces Best Problemsetter 2012
    In 2012 Vitaly dazed us with his interesting problems many times. Due to him, we are experts on all sorts of lucky number and Little Elephant properties. Thanks to Vitaly for the great problems!
  • Nickolas (Mariia Mykhailova) — Codeforces Spirit of Community 2012
    Maria, the author of unusual rounds, an active blogger of 2012, has received a new nomination. Maria’s ideas, bright and out-of-the-box, have made the live of the community more diverse and fun.
  • I_love_ilona (Alexander Kouprin) – Codeforces Best Blogger 2012
    We all love reading Alex Kouprin’s stories from all sorts of 2012 sports programming events.

Let us remind you that it’s the third year when the Cormen medals has been awarded. It’s the third year when [tourist] has become the best coder and I_love_ilona — the best blogger twice in a row. My favorite nomination, "Codeforces best problemsetter" went to natalia (Natalia Bondarenko) in 2010, and to Ripatti Artem Ripatti in 2011.

We do hope that the last year laureates will amaze us with their talents on in 2013.

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And thank you Mike!:)

BTW, why has the time of the contests changed to 5:00?

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    For Round #183, because one of our setter can only come to supervise before middle night. For #184 ... we don't know ....

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Oh,why there is no "The Best 2012 Secondary School Contest Participant" xD...

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Thanks a Lot!! I really love and enjoy witua's contests especially round #177!