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I have been trying to do 706B - Interesting drink . I know I can do this with Binary Search but I am trying to do it with DP. Anyway my submission 81044174 fails on 5th test. For some reason all of my outputs are 5's. I can't understand why. Since I can't see the inputs either I can't debug. Only thing I can think of is my iter pointer going insane. Nothing else coming to my mind. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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It doesn't seem like the shop prices have to be unique. So, checking if(i == *iter) might be wrong.

Also, what is the point of keeping both an iterator and an index?

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    I thought the prices were unique.So I used i to create a new array with answers and iter would iterate through the previously sorted array and increase the shops number. I guess this wouldn't work with duplicate values. Anyway, thanks for replying. Much appreciated. Hopefully I will be able to fix it now. Edit: worked 81057331