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By venkycodes, history, 6 weeks ago, In English,

I have observed that one of user in my friend list had given the contest yesterday and solved three questions in contest. I was just looking through standings today and there I saw that all of his submissions were skipped from testing and his participation was shown as out of contest. I was just curious, what is reason for this ?

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If you mean the "Skipped" verdict, there are two possible reasons I know why:

(1) The contestant was detected cheating and so he's been removed from the contest and all submissions have been skipped.

(2) The contestant made multiple correct (pretest passed) submissions. Only the last of these are judged on system tests and all other solutions have been skipped.

If you mean "his submissions have been judged but he's displayed *out-of-contest" then it means that his original rating at the time of his registration was higher than the max cap for which the round remains rated for him (yesterday's was Div2 which has max rating cap of 1900 ig).

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    No he was well below the rating cap. Might be the plag case. Anyway thanks.