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My Submission:

Test Case which it fails on: 7 576460752303423481

Correct Answer: -1

Answer when you run it locally:-1

Answer by Codeforces System:1

You can check the test case details of my submission.

Why Codeforces gives WA on this code?

I ran the code on CLion by JetBrains.

Also I ran it on Codeforces Custom Invocation:

It gave -1 as expected, but while testing my code idk why it gave WA.

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If you try the first 8 tests together on Custom Invocation, you will get the same wrong answer.

So, I thought the problem is in using puts while using synchronized input/output (fio). And yes, that was the problem.

In general, don't use C++ input/output with C input/output. Either use scanf/printf/puts or cin/cout with/without synchronization.