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By compiler01, history, 4 weeks ago, In English,

Hello codedorces

today i was trying to solve problem 920F - SUM and REPLACE , but i failed because of tle

my code works as follow :

first , save locations for every index which have a value a[i] greater than 2 in a set

for every update , find the lower_bound for index l , and upper_bound for index r , and run a for between them , change every number with its number of divisors

for every ans , calculate it by fenwick tree

my code 82714261 failed on test 69 , you may would like to know that i tried with this problem by two data structers ( fenwick tree — sqrt decomposition ) , and both had a tle

can you help ?

thanks in advance

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Why not do it like the editorial suggests?

Since the updates are 1e5 times, and with every update up to 1e6 elements get updated, you cannot simply do them all.

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Kid, don't be depressed. It is very nice to fail on test 69