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For example, currently all submission links on Benq's submissions page are grayed out (at least for a logged-out user); while this submission for example can be viewed normally.

This is a server-side issue. On that page there's this snippet of JavaScript code:

            var viewableSubmissionIds = [

The bug is not present on the second page -- there are both viewable submissions and unviewable submissions, and they are displayed correctly. I suspect that the bug is related to the fact that some of the submissions are in a running contest.

Of course, the viewable submissions are still accessible using the direct link.


On the second page, the viewable and unviewable submissions are displayed correctly.

On the first page, all links are grayed out.

I can find this similar (8-year-old) blog, in which MikeMirzayanov said that it will be fixed, but the bug remains.

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I also faced it.