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Good day!

Yesterday ACM-ICPC Moscow Subregional Programming Contest 2010 took place at Moscow State University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Our subregion is one of the strongest among those included to Northeastern European Region. Teams from our subregion are usually earn medals at World Finals. For example, team "MSU Unpredictable" earned gold medal and became European champions at the last Final (they named Moscow State University in the standings table).

So I think people who can't speak Russian might be interest in results and materials from Moscow Subregional Contest. Problems are in English only. Here are the main links:

Main site

Final standings


By the way, our team named "MIPT Guinness" successfully participated and is allowed to take part in Regional Contest =)

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Are these problems added on any online judge?
If not, can you add them?

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Hi, thanks for the ploblems!!!
But i need the cases for the test, do you have it?
Dou you have some advice for these problem???