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Hello Everyone! Which is better ? Practicing questions by Rating wise or topic wise ? Thank You!!

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Depends on what your goals are. If you are looking to improve your overall CP skills I would recommend doing rating wise. You will get to practice a variety of DS and Algorithms. Secondly, not knowing the topic beforehand helps you develop approaches to a problem. If you encounter a new topic, you can read and learn about it. If you still do not feel confident in solving that topic, then you can solve a few questions topic wise.

Secondly, some topics might have prerequisites. If you do not know recursion and start practicing DP, you will take a lot more time to learn and end up wasting time.

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According to me, with rating is better because wide variety of topics are covered

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I think when you're just starting out or are solving below 1300-1400 you should just solve by rating. There isn't much that you could learn if you wanted to at that stage (every problem that you will encounter will broadly be in greedy, brute force, data structures, implementation, binary search, two pointers etc). These topics are easier to cover by solving random problems based on rating in my opinion.
If you tried learning dynamic programming or graph theory, you would probably waste more time than if you started those topics when you developed skills to solve 1400 rated problems.