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Hello Everyone!

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I am having doubt in 1st question of this blog.

In exchange argument we try to find a comparator that will decide our order. For this we try to solve question for N=2 case to determine what can be the possible comparator.

Now when we take N=2 we make some conditions.Let's take two elements are A and B. In question 1st we are getting condition by saying A must come before B(Only possible ordering) . But in question 2 and 3 of the same blog we are getting conditions by saying when will it be better to put A before B. I think these two are quite different.

I am quite confused regarding this like what how to make conditions for N=2 case. I think I have interpreted it in wrong way and there must exist a better explanation.

It would be very helpful if somebody can explain where I am interpreting wrong.

Thank you

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Errichto if you could explain it would be helpful.