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Hey people!!! Hope you all are having a great time. This post is in regards to the one thing i don't like about atcoder. I participated in the recent contest by M-solutions. It was a great contest. i could solve the first four problems. I was very eager to see how i could not solve E and F. But the editorial was in japanese only. I know that is a japanese website and i have no problem with japanese editorials. But the thing i am not getting is why do they take so long to upload english editorials??. people who are patient enough would have already solved all the problems. But most of us would forget about that contest after 3-4 days.It's been 5 days and the english editorial is still not out. Please note that i am not trying to defame atcoder in anyway. Infact i think it is among the best websites for cp out there. Please take this as "constructive criticism". What i am asking is that do the admin's at atcoder find it difficult to find trustworthy people to translate the editorial or is it some other reason. To address this matter faster i am taging ko_osaga here.(he regularly participates at atcoder). Thank you people. [Edit] Finally found one of the admins of atcoder.chokudai. Please do something. It is more than a week now. I really want to read the editorial in english.Thanks

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please tag some atcoder admin if possible

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