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I am writing this blog asking for suggestions as I can't improve. It's already been 26 contests and I can't even get into pupil. I do regularly upsolve in which ever contest that I do participate(in codeforces, codechef, and atcoder).Apart from that I practice A,B and C from all the previous contests that are there, leetcode problems, and sometimes from codehef & hackerEarth. I probably have gone through all blogs that are there asking for practice strategies or someone sharing what they have followed. I have tried everything but to fail. It would be really nice if someone could give suggestions regarding where am I going wrong. And just for the context, before starting on codeforces I used to practice on hackerrank(for quite some time) which I don't think helped in anyway in contests but I am mentioning it just in case it helps in assessing my situation.

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