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Hello, World!

I am Throughput, a person seeking to become skilled at competitive programming.

Competitive programming is an awesome sport. It requires a lot of creativity and cognitive ability. When it comes to competitive programming, I am a green hand. I am attracted to competitive programming because I believe that competitive programming can enhance my thinking skills. I want to be able to work on complex problems that our society is facing today in the future. Although I acknowledge that competitive programming is far removed from them, I think it has propaedeutic value.

How did you get started in competitive programming? I need some guidance. I am new and there aren’t a lot of competitive programmers around me.

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I wonder if I had time to login from all of my alternative account and downvote your blog

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I don't know why CF is showing this

You cannot vote twice. You have already voted for this topic before

It is not justice to have just one downvote for blogs like these and of codervru blogs