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By daniel.carlos, history, 6 weeks ago, In English

Hello everybody, my name is Daniel and this is my first blog. I'm 2 years on codeforces although my rating does not demonstrate this, and one question that i have is: How does the codeforces rating algorithm? I know that this takes into account the rating of who is below and who is above me in the rank of a contest, but, I want something more specific.

Example: How does this calculate the few points I earn when I get a rating above my overall rating?And...How does this calculate how many points the poor Tourist will lose when he doesn't get a great (almost perfect) placement in the contest?

Off topic:Why is it so common for people to get a big(100+)delta?I can never(it's not a complaint, it's more like a lament)...

One of the reasons I wrote this blog is because I want to lose the fear of commenting or writing things in English. So if there are any grammatical errors please excuse me and please let me know.

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