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In the contest my code passed the pretests and i have been rated accordingly but afterwards again submitting the same sol, my code fails ....when i check for the test case it is authentic and logic should fail, but the test case 32&33 was not their in contest pretest , it was added after the contest was over..Hence degrade the authenticity of contest and it's parity...if it was a hacked test case added by someone accordingly it should be reflected on everyone's, making it a really fair game.

One of the test case that fails

3 2

3 10 128

130 137

for this the correct ans is 130 but my code gives 131.

but it passes all the pretests in contest and accepted. if needed i will show my code.

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Did you or the other people had some type of greedy in their algorithm, because the problem is mainly brute force, I wonder what is making lots of people code fail?