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Hello Coders, first of all, Thanks for actively using CFViewer! I am thankful to each and every user on CFViewer to motivate me to add modifications to CFViewer frequently. And if you have not checked it out yet, please have a look at it here.

Coming to the main point, I analyzed that the most used pages on my website are Problem and Contests suggestions. So, I have developed a small firefox extension for the same which does the exact same thing. You can search for it on the extension store or download it directly from here. It's still under the development stage. But the main functionality has been implemented. I will also create extensions for Google chrome and other browsers in a few days.

Please go through this link on how to use it.

Thanks again for using it. Solve problems the smarter way!

Note: You can only use this extension from codeforces.com domain. On other domains, it will give an error.

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