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Currently, top 10 coders have the power to display a hidden message on Codeforces. This hidden message is formed by the first letter of all user names, since they are highlighted because they are all Legendary Grandmasters. You only have to read them vertically in the "Top rated" pane.

Take for instance current hidden message, it's UtBekmRyba. Yes, I know, it doesn't have a lot of meaning.

What if I tell you that first 20 coders could complot, or suffer from a notorious coincidence, in which interesting messages can be formed, take for instance the following order:

  1. jiangly
  2. Um_nik
  3. maroonrk
  4. Petr
  5. molamola.
  6. sunset
  7. scott_wu
  8. tourist
  9. Egor
  10. Radewoosh

Forming the word jUmPmastER, and I see no better real-world (sorry Mario) jumper than Bill Gates. Watch this video for clear evidence. Is this a message set by him to assert dominance in the competitive programming world?

For other words that can be formed, see this wordfinder link that will unscramble them, some of those are disgusting depending on who you ask.

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