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Marathon Match 121

Topcoder MM 121 - SoccerTournament is now live!

Problem Setterdimkadimon
Problem TestersJacoCronje and kphmd

Problem Overview: 
N teams play in a round-robin soccer tournament where each team plays every other team once. Each game has three possible outcomes: win for first team, win for second team or a draw. If a team wins the game then it receives **W** points. If the game is a draw then both teams receive **D** points. The losing team receives no points. Your task is to reconstruct the result of each game given the total number of goals scored, goals conceded and points earned by each team. You will receive 1 point for predicting a game's outcome (win, loss, draw) correctly. You will receive additional 2 points for also predicting the game's exact score.

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- the Topcoder Team

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